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Team Throwdown

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Cook up a little friendly competition to help your team with time management and problem solving.

If your team is hungry for something different, serve them up a challenge in the kitchen with the Team Throwdown Experience. Select a theme and your group will go head-to-head in two teams to compete, Iron Chef Style. They’ll work against the clock in two rounds of cooking, led by one of our in-house chef instructors, to develop two unique dishes using the Kitchen Window pantry and a basket of secret ingredients. When they’re finished, they’ll present their culinary creations to our chef judge who will score them on their ability to manage time and resources, how they leveraged each team member’s skill set and, most importantly, on taste.

This is a lively, fun and competitive cooking experience that will test out your team’s cooking chops, boost their confidence and create a strong bond. We have no doubt that bond will bring them as much success in the conference room as it does in our kitchen.

While the food in every Throwdown is different, your experience will follow this format:
Teams will go head-to-head in round one with your first theme, present their creations and then sit down and enjoy what they cooked. The second round will focus on the second theme, where the losing team will shoot for redemption, while the winning team goes for complete domination.
Popular Throwdown Themes:
Burger Challenge, Taco Truck, On-a-Stick, Sushi Chef, Pasta Shop – Italy, Shipwrecked

Our culinary events are a creative application for any of the following:
• Team Building
• Client Entertainment
• Client Acquisition
• Business Development
• Holiday Parties
• Recruiting Events
• Team Celebrations


Looking for something a little more relaxed? Or is your team competitive? We have other alternatives for your team building needs: