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Stockpot & Booya Rental


All Kitchen Window equipment rentals must be two days (at minimum), require pre-payment to secure the reservation, and are non-refundable. See details below on all our rental equipment.

Please contact Customer Service at 612-824-4417 (extension 403) or customerservice@kitchenwindow.com for further questions on the rental process and availability.

Crawfish & Fish Boil Kit
Is there a special occasion in your future? Celebrate by treating your guests to an extravagant Maine lobster boil. Our giant stainless-steel stockpots and matching burners are the perfect setup. The pots feature a steamer insert to make serving easier. For something just as festive, but less expensive, these versatile pots are also great for a down home Louisiana crawfish boil or for a traditional Door County fish boil. Add corn and potatoes to the fish or seafood and in no time, you have a memorable summertime meal.

Kit includes stockpot, steamer insert, burner and paddle.
62-quart Stockpot Boiler – $25.00/day (2-day minimum)
(approx. 30-40 lbs. crawfish or 14-16 1.5-pound lobsters)
82-quart Stockpot Boiler $30.00/day (2-day minimum)
(approx. 40-50 lbs. crawfish or 20-25 1.5-pound lobsters)
142-quart Stockpot Boiler $35.00/day (2-day minimum)
(approx. 70-80 lbs. crawfish or 35-40 1.5-pound lobsters)

Booya Kit
Need to feed a crowd? Consider hosting a booya party. Booya is a type of stew usually prepared in large quantities. There are probably as many booya recipes as there are booya cooks, but the dish involves beef, chicken and pork as well as a variety of vegetables and seasonings. Our restaurant-sized stock pots can handle a hungry crowd.

Kit includes stockpot, banjo cooker and paddle.
62-quart Stockpot Boiler – $25.00/day (2-day minimum)
82-quart Stockpot Boiler $30.00/day (2-day minimum)
142-quart Stockpot Boiler $35.00/day (2-day minimum)