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Don’t want the hassle of sharpening your own cutlery or the expense of investing in a professional sharpening system? We are here to help. Kitchen Window has been professionally sharpening cutlery for over 20 years. All knives lose their edge over time, even if you use a honing steel on a regular basis. Periodic sharpening by a professional will ensure that your knife edge has the proper angle and will help your blades maintain their edge longer. We will even teach you how to maintain your knife edge on a regular basis.

Precision Knife Sharpening
$6.50 per blade (includes: sharpening, nick repair, and light bolster grinding)
$9.00 per blade (for knife bolster – heavy grind)

$20.00 per blade (for knife tip regrinding)

We sharpen your knives while you wait. No appointment necessary.

To check-in your knives for sharpening, please place on online order here>



For all Jura espresso machines purchased at Kitchen Window (IN or OUT of warranty):
We are proud to be an official intake center for JURA espresso machines.  At any time, you can bring in your espresso machine to Kitchen Window where we will package and ship it to the Jura Repair Center. Jura charges a flat fee based on which machine you have.

Please contact Customer Service at (612-824-4417 extension 403) for questions on setting up a Jura repair.

Kitchen Window no longer provides on-site repair service for other espresso machines.

Espresso Machine Warranty
Our Warranty Assistance applies ONLY to machines that are purchased at Kitchen Window.
If you purchased your machine within two years, your machine is covered under the manufacturer warranty and Kitchen Window’s extended warranty. Should you have any issues, we are happy to provide you with two options:

Option 1
·         Initiate your warranty claim with the manufacture’s repair center.
·         Package and ship your machine to/from the warranty center.
·         Provide you a comparable loaner machine while your machine is being serviced.

Option 2

·           If you choose to not utilize your extended Kitchen Window warranty, you can ship your machine back to the manufacturer’s specified warranty service center under terms of the manufacturer’s warranty.


All Kitchen Window equipment rentals must be two days (at minimum), require pre-payment to secure the reservation, and are non-refundable. See details below on all our rental equipment.

Please contact Customer Service at 612-824-4417 (extension 403) or customerservice@kitchenwindow.com for further questions on the rental process and availability.

Paella Kits
In Spain, paella is traditionally cooked over an open flame. Fire up the outdoor burner and cook up an impressive version of this Spanish classic featuring shellfish, chorizo and other authentic ingredients. With a selection of tapas and dessert, all you need to add is a little Flamenco music.

Kitchen Window carries paella pans in a range of sizes, from 8 inches to 52 inches. Made of carbon steel, the pans are great for all types of outdoor cooking. Also try them for fish fries, Dutch pancakes or grilled sandwiches. All kits include a paella pan, stand and burner.

28” Paella Kit (25 people) $30.00/day (2-day minimum)
32” Paella Kit (40+ people) $40.00/day (2-day minimum)
36” Paella Kit (60-70+ people) $45.00/day (2-day minimum)
39” Paella Kit (85+ people) $60.00/day (2-day minimum)
45” Paella Kit (100+ people) $120.00/day (2-day minimum)
52 ” Paella Kit (200+ people) $190.00/day (2-day minimum)

Paella Party Kit & Pre-Prepped Ingredients
Want to do the cooking but avoid the time and hassle of shopping for and prepping the recipe? We can rent you the equipment, provide you with the recipes, and prep the ingredients you’ll need for a fabulous feast. Our chef does the shopping and chopping; you do the cooking and get all the glory. Pre-prepped ingredients save you time and money. There is no waste — you pay for only the food quantities you need.

(Paella kit with prepped food includes the same 2-day rental process as a basic equipment rental.)

Offsite Paella Party with a Chef
Our team provides the equipment, food and a chef to cook the paella at your event. We also set up, clean, and take down.  You can spend your time enjoying the party with your guests.

Contact our Event Director at 612-824-4417 (extension 403) or events@kitchenwindow.com for pricing information and availability.

FireDisc Portable Propane Cooker
The Deep FireDisc Tall Cooker is 36 inches high which is standard counter top height with a built-in Heat Ring and powder coated at over 450 degrees. The FireDisc Cooker is completely portable and built to last with no assembly required. Perfect cooking surface to use for your next fish fry, outdoor BBQ party, tailgating experience or something as simple as making breakfast at your campsite.

36 Inch Deep FireDisc Cooker with Stand $40/day (2-day minumum)

Revolation 2 Chocolate Tempering Machine
The Rev2 chocolate tempering machine automatically takes over the frustrating and mysterious tasks required to produce perfectly processed confectionery chocolate. The built-in convenience allows you to spend your time having fun while creating chocolate masterpieces.

Tempering Machine with Baffle Clip/Bowl Scrapers $40/day (2-day minimum)

Jambalaya Kit
Break out your Zydeco tunes and bring home the Jambalaya Kit for the perfect Louisiana-themed get-together. Choose from a 4-, 7- or 10-gallon cast iron jambalaya pot to feed your family or feed your neighborhood. The pot fits snugly into a solid steel tripod stand. The Banjo Cooker burner provides consistent heat, making it a snap to cook up the tastiest jambalaya this side of the Bayou. Let the good times roll this summer with food from the Big Easy.

Kit includes jambalaya pot, stand, burner, lifters and paddle.
4-gallon (30 people) Jambalaya Kit $25.00/day (2-day minimum)
7-gallon (65 people) Jambalaya Kit $30.00/day (2-day minimum)
10-gallon (100 people) Jambalaya Kit $35.00/day (2-day minimum)

Crawfish & Fish Boil Kit
Is there a special occasion in your future? Celebrate by treating your guests to an extravagant Maine lobster boil. Our giant stainless-steel stockpots and matching burners are the perfect setup. The pots feature a steamer insert to make serving easier. For something just as festive, but less expensive, these versatile pots are also great for a down home Louisiana crawfish boil or for a traditional Door County fish boil. Add corn and potatoes to the fish or seafood and in no time, you have a memorable summertime meal.

Kit includes stockpot, steamer insert, burner and paddle.
62-quart Stockpot Boiler – $25.00/day (2-day minimum)
(approx. 30-40 lbs. crawfish or 14-16 1.5-pound lobsters)
82-quart Stockpot Boiler $30.00/day (2-day minimum)
(approx. 40-50 lbs. crawfish or 20-25 1.5-pound lobsters)
142-quart Stockpot Boiler $35.00/day (2-day minimum)
(approx. 70-80 lbs. crawfish or 35-40 1.5-pound lobsters)

Booya Kit
Need to feed a crowd? Consider hosting a booya party. Booya is a type of stew usually prepared in large quantities. There are probably as many booya recipes as there are booya cooks, but the dish involves beef, chicken and pork as well as a variety of vegetables and seasonings. Our restaurant-sized stock pots can handle a hungry crowd.

Kit includes stockpot, banjo cooker and paddle.
62-quart Stockpot Boiler – $25.00/day (2-day minimum)
82-quart Stockpot Boiler $30.00/day (2-day minimum)
142-quart Stockpot Boiler $35.00/day (2-day minimum)

Teppanyaki Kit
Have you enjoyed teppanyaki cooking at your favorite Japanese restaurant? Our electric teppanyaki grill provides an authentic, interactive experience at home. And since your guests cook their own food, once you’ve done the prep work, you can relax and enjoy the fun. Simply provide a selection of bite-size meat, seafood and vegetables, and let your guests grill their favorites.

27-inch Teppanyaki Grill Set $100.00/day (2-day minimum)

Outdoor Wok Kit
Our 22-inch Big Kahuna carbon steel wok offers a fast and easy way of cooking large amounts of food for backyard barbeques, family gatherings and group outings. Use this to create amazing stir-fry, traditional noodle dishes and delicious fried rice.

Kit includes wok, burner, stand and utensils.
22-inch Wok Kit $30.00/day (2-day minimum)