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Don’t want the hassle of sharpening your own cutlery or the expense of investing in a professional sharpening system? We are here to help. Kitchen Window has been professionally sharpening cutlery for over 20 years. All knives lose their edge over time, even if you use a honing steel on a regular basis. Periodic sharpening by a professional will ensure that your knife edge has the proper angle and will help your blades maintain their edge longer. We will even teach you how to maintain your knife edge on a regular basis.

Precision Knife Sharpening
$6.50 per blade (includes: sharpening, nick repair, and light bolster grinding)
$9.00 per blade (for knife bolster – heavy grind)

$20.00 per blade (for knife tip regrinding)

We sharpen your knives while you wait. No appointment necessary.

To check-in your knives for sharpening, please place on online order here>