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No-Bake Zebra Peanut BarsThis recipe is a pantry favorite - peanut butter, chocolate chips, graham crackers and a little powdered sugar are all you need to make this fun and delicious snack. Yields 9x13" pan (about 28 bars)
Staub Chocolate Babka Cinnamon RollsTips: do not heat the buttermilk above 110°F. Also, when rolling out the dough, the longer you make your rectangle, the prettier your rolls will be. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but try to make twenty inches work. Lastly, it may seem like a lot of sugar syrup, but be patient and keep brushing the buns until they absorb all of the liquid. This little bit of extra effort gives these buns a whole lotta gooey goodness. Serves 7-8. Recipe by @hummingbirdhigh