Zwilling Demeyere 8 Inch Fry Pan, Stainless and Nonstick

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The frying pan is especially well suited to small dishes because of its 20 cm diameter. Inspired by a bold American style, the series was designed by Stefan Schöning. Th®s frying pan owes its outstanding frying properties to the use of five-play material, which consists of different metal alloys, including a core made out of aluminium. This combination of layers ensures heat is rapidly and evenly distributed to the edge of the frying pan within a few seconds, even on small hobs. The frying pan can of course be used on all conventional types of cookers, however, it has been streamlined for induction cookers. DURASLIDE Ultra anti-stick coating complements the five-ply material. This special surface coating ensures that fish, vegetables and egg dishes do not stick to the pan. Stainless steel with Silvinox® guarantees easy cleaning. The frying pan is equipped with a pouring rim for easy use and a cast stainless steel grip which stays cool while cooking. The frying pan is a simple, resilient and versatile tool for making quick dinners or a firm omelette on a Sunday morning.


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