Zavor 6 Quart Lux Edge Multicooker

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The LUX Edge Multi-Cooker brings more versatility and convenience to the Multicooker category with 14 easy-to-use preset functions such as a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, yogurt maker. Steam, Brown and Sauté and specific settings for Pot Roast, Beans and Chili, Desserts and Oats and more. The LUX Edge is also equipped with a Manual function that gives you complete cooking control, allowing you to use the unit as a pressure cooker, slow cooker and traditional stockpot. The Edge has every desirable safety feature including self-regulating pressure and temperature feature as well as anti-overheating technology.

Main functions include:
• Pressure Cook (High & Low) up to 6 hours
• Slow Cook (High & Low) up to 24 hours
• Rice with 4 settings for White Rice, Brown Rice, Risotto and Steamed Rice
• Vegetable with 2 settings for Pressure Cooking and Steaming
• Soup with 2 settings for Pressure Cooking and Slow Cooking
• Yogurt – The 2-step process for making yogurt at home is outlined with the assistance of the display indicating the first heating step and the second yogurt incubating step.
• Pot Roast
• Meat
• Poultry
• Beans
• Chili
• Dessert
• Oats
• Manual – allows you to use the unit as a traditional stockpot.



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