Tools & Technique Series: Heritage Steel – October 24 @ 6pm

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Chef and Culinary Instructor Daniel Darvell and Bobby Griggs from Heritage Steel Cookware and family culinarian, team up to share their knowledge in this collaborative demonstration class. They both value cooking for family and friends and the unique challenges it brings. They will take the class through how they cook at home sharing techniques for putting a weeknight spin on making pasta dishes, modern sauces, pantry and ingredient secrets and more. Along the way, showing you how to make four show stopping dishes: PERFECTLY SEARED DOUBLE CUT PORK CHOPS WITH FOUR MODERN SAUCES—INDIAN SPICE MERHCANT SAUCE, KOREAN BULGOGI SAUCE, THAI PEANUT SAUCE & AN HERB INFUSED VINAIGRETTE; they will also demonstrate a ONE-PAN PASTA dish WITH LEMON, FENNEL BULB, ITALIAN SAUSAGE AND BRAISED KALE; a versatile THAI CRISPY RICE SALAD WITH CUCUMBER, MINT, BASIL AND PEANUTS that can take on both a light and hearty quality; and finally a PAN-SEARED TUNA TATAKI-STYLE WITH PEA SHOOTS AND a umami loaded PONZU DIPPING SAUCE.

Daniel Darvell & Bobby Griggs | Demonstration | $49
#191024A – Thursday, October 24 | 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.


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