Shun Premier 8 Inch Chef’s Knife

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The 8 inch Chef’s Knife is a must for any working kitchen. Use to chop, slice, dice or mince. Shun Premier 8 inch Chef’s Knife. Sharpened at a 16° angle.

The Shun Premier line of cutlery features the same 33-layer rust-resistant blade as the Classic line, but with a gorgeous hand-hammered finish. A core of VG-10 stainless steel is clad with 16 layers of SUS410 high-carbon steel on each side before it is hand finished in the Tsuchime manner. Not only is the hammered finish beautiful to look at, it is functional too – reducing drag as you cut, so you get increased nonstickability and decreased damage to your food. Shun Premier cutlery features a uniquely stable "D" shaped handle design. Fit to the natural curve of the hand, the D shape helps prevent the knife from twisting while you work. The blades are convex-ground to an extreme 16° angle on each side, resulting in an extremely sharp, thin edge. Shun Premier handles are constructed from lightweight, moisture-resistant walnut PakkaWood® with a stainless-steel bolster and end cap. The Shun logo is embossed on the end cap.

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