Shun Classic 6 Inch Gokujo Boning and Fillet Knife

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The traditional Gokujo is a thin, tapered boning knife with a distinctive upturned and narrow tip. The shape of the Shun Classic 6 inch Gokujo lets you get into small spaces to remove meat from bone, tendon and skin. A great boning and filet knife. Sharpened at a 16 degree angle.

Shun knives are praised by celebrity chefs and home cooks alike, for their sharpness, balance and striking appearance. With a core of high-quality, high-grade, high-carbon VG-10 steel, Shun Classic cutlery has exceptional hardness, straightness and sharpness. The core is heat- and pressure-clad with 32 layers of hammered, super thin steel to form the stock of the blade. These outer layers are made from a softer steel than in the core, so that the blade becomes more resistant to stain, corrosion and rust. The stock is then compressed in the Kasumi manner – the same manner used to make Samurai swords. This process causes dents and impressions to appear on the blade – a ripple effect much like Damascus. The pattern is the result of natural physical and chemical reactions between the sheets of steel. To complete a Shun knife, the compressed stock is cut, hand ground and blasted to provide a superbly sharp, beautifully patterned edge. This final process also provides a nonstickability to the Shun knives, because the blasting causes a textured surface which allows your food to release. Shun Classic cutlery also features remarkable handles, made from moisture resistant, lightweight Pakka wood, with a unique D-shape that fits comfortably in the hand.



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