Schott Zwiesel 9 Ounce Basic Bar Cocktail Cup

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World-renowned bartender and author of the definitive American Bar, Charles Schumann and German glassmaker Schott Zwiesel bring you the ultimate glassware for the bar.

Each piece of glassware is brilliantly clear, lead-free Tritan Crystal, it is break-resistant and dishwasher safe. Each glass is designed for the specific character of its respective drink.

The Cocktail Cup is based on the classical tried and tested shape, which famous bars have used in this or similar forms since the 1930s. It’s ideal for classic cocktails such as the Alexander, the Dairquiri or the Gimlet. The tall Cocktail Glass has a smaller volume: this new creation is perfect for the White Russian and similar drinks.

Height: 5.1"
Diameter: 4"
Capacity: 8.8 oz


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