Outdoor Cooking & Grilling Seminar – July 14 @ 12pm

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Join our Grillmaster’s to learn the fundamentals of successful outdoor grilling and smoking. Our experts will help you sort through the hype to better understand the grill you have, or to help you discover the grill that is right for you. You’ll get a quick lesson in the basic anatomy and features of gas, pellet and charcoal grills. We’ll discuss how a grill’s design, construction and technology affect food, its flavor and the grilling technique you use. We will take a look at smokers and discuss how to effectively use smoke in your cooking, including which types of wood and charcoal to use. We’ll discuss and demonstrate basic grilling techniques for all types of grills and how they change based on the grill you have. Since the truth is in the flavor, we’ll sample a variety of grilled meats in a side by side comparison from a variety of grills, including slow cooked LOIN BACK RIBS; GRILLED CHICKEN BREASTS; and NEW YORK STRIP STEAKS. Then we will finish our seminar with GRILLED TUSCAN FLATBREAD.

Daniel Darvell and Doug Huemoeller | Seminar/Samples | $49
#190714A – Sunday, July 14 | 12:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.


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