Olivelle Tapi Pour Spout

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These pour spouts help make cooking easier and cleaner while saving precious product.

1. The lip style top prevents drip-age after pouring, helping to keep your bottles clean.

2. The perfect size stream allows you to evenly season your pan or foods when cooking.

3. The tight sealing cap is ideal for storing olive oil when not being used, helping to prevent oxidation.

4. They control the pour, avoiding the accidental glug, or messy finger and helping to conserve your precious oil and vinegar.

These Italian made caps look like a standard cork but in fact have a pour spout built-in, giving them a low profile while adding amazing function.

Ideal for pouring oils, vinegars, and even making a decorative yet functional dish soap bottle.

Fit any standard wine size bottle opening along with our 250ml, 500ml, and 750ml bottles.


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