Nassau Foods Hog Casing

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Hog casings are used for smaller diameter (30-44 mm) sausages. These casings can be used for fresh sausage as well as fully cooked smoked sausage. Figure 2 displays the location of the casing in the intestional tract of hogs. After cleaning hog casings are measured/sized to ensure a more uniform/size and shape to achieve uniform portion control of the final product. The casings can be trimmed to be sold as “whisker free,” which increases the consumer eye appeal. They are transparent so that the consumer can see the particle definition of the meat and the ingredients used in the sausage. Regular hog bungs are also sold as indiviual pieces and are used primarily for liver sausage and braunschweiger. Sewn hog bungs are available in double-walled and single-walled varieties to obtain a larger, more uniform finished product.


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