Moccamaster KB-741 AO Coffee Maker with Glass Carafe

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Arguably the best home coffee maker you can buy, the Moccamaster KB-741 by Technivorm features high quality Dutch engineering and construction. Each machine is assembled and manufactured by hand before it is individually inspected and tested. With the Moccamaster KB-741, you get perfectly brewed coffee every time. Moccamaster machines brew at precisely 200, the ideal coffee brewing temperature. Your coffee won’t scorch and become bitter, or be overly acidic. 10 cup capacity.

Features include:
• Quiet brew cycle
• Drip stop so you can interrupt brewing to pour
• Dual Temperature hot plate with automatic heat booster so your coffee says fresh and hot
• Easy to read water reservoir
• Copper boiling element
• 9-hole spray head for even wetting of grounds


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