Microplane Cube Grater, Assorted Colors

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The Microplane Cube Grater is a mini box grater which has our 3 most widely used blade styles for grating cheese and other foods. The included blades are fine, for zesting citrus and hard cheese; ribbon for grating chocolate and coconut; and a coarse blade for grating cheddar cheese and other soft cheeses. The blades are housed in a small plastic box and with these blade choices, you can grate anything for any meal. This makes preparing your favorite dish easy and saves space as it is much smaller than a traditional box grater. Take it camping, on the road, or downsize to a tiny home. The Cube Grater's multi-purpose box acts as a catch feature, as a measuring cup, or stores excess food, and acts as a protective cover for safe storage.

• Dimensions: 3.25" cubed
•Weight: 12 oz.


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