Max Burton Portale Butane/Gas Burner

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MAX is a versatile mini stove that is easy to use and is built tough to withstand the rigors of continuous use. A must for cooking during power outages or other emergencies.

This Table Top Burner is a butane powered cooking appliances that operates on Butane Fuel Cartridge #1214 and rated at 7,650 BTU/hour. Features include a heavy gauge metal body and porcelain enamel coated steel trivet and drip pan, piezoelectric ignition, and a hard-sided carrying case. This stove is listed to UL standards for outdoor gas-fired appliances. Safety features include an anti-explosion safety device which will automatically disengage the butane cartridge if increased gas pressure is detected, and the butane fuel cartridge cannot be engaged if the ignition knob is not in the off position.

Benefits: This portable stove is a versatile and efficient cooking surface that designed for outdoor use. The durable construction will provide longlasting performance. The extra large cooking surface will hold standard sized cookware.


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