Mauviel M’150s 10 Inch Frypan, Copper and Stainless Steel

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Use the 10 inch Mauviel M’heritage Frypan for frying eggs, sauteing veggies, making a quick reduction and more. This sauce pan features a beautiful cast stainless steel handle with a traditional look and feel.

Made with a bilaminated construction, each Mauviel M’heritage piece is designed for the absolute best heat conductivity, temperature control and classic, elegant design. The thick, 2 – 2.5mm copper exterior layer makes up 90% of the pan, providing a very fast heat conduction along with a steady, even heat distribution. Copper heats so quickly that you can cook at a lower heat, saving time and energy. And the quality of temperature control that you get with a Mauviel pan lets you cook things you never thought you could. The interior layer of the pan is made from 18/10 stainless steel, giving you an easy-to-clean surface that won’t corrode, rust, absorb odors or react with your food. Each piece of Mauviel M’heritage is fitted with a cast iron, stainless steel or bronze handle that’s riveted for ultimate durability. Mauviel cookware can be used on any type of stove or in the oven. (Induction stoves require Mauviel's induction stove top interface disc, which is sold separately). Made in France.


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