Matiz Navarro Spanish Piquillo Peppers, 215 Grams

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Matiz Navarro Piquillo Peppers are like no other red pepper you have ever tasted! They feature a unique spicy-sweet flavor. Indigenous to the Ebro River Valley of Northern Spain, these peppers have been picked and produced almost entirely by hand for generation. Slow roasting over open fires gives these unique peppers a complex, rich and teasingly spicy-sweet flavor. Try cooking, roasting or sautéing with them. Put them in salads or stuff them. 100% natural, no preservatives or artificial flavors. 7.6 oz /215 grams jar.

More Serving Ideas:
• Cut into strips and add to the top of your Paella five minutes before you serve.
• Put them on a brochette for a delicious tapa.
• Add to salads, or serve them whole with a little Balsamic vinegar or Spanish olive oil.
• Stuff the whole peppers with bonito or tuna, sautéed mushrooms, or fresh fish; heat and serve for a delicious Spanish tradition.


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