18 Inch Polished Steel Paella Pan, 12 person

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This pan serves up to two persons. Uses one small burner. Polished steel is the most popular type of paella pan used for making paella. This pan provides excellent heat distribution, wonderful durability, and quick response to changes in temperature. This type of paella pan also produces an excellent socarrat, a caramelized crust on the bottom of the paella. If the polished steel is seasoned well and properly cared, it can last a lifetime. For best paella results, the pan should be used over a gas range or grill. Heat resistent handles. Made in Spain.

Size: 18" (30cm)
Serving Size: 9-10

Care Instructions:
This pan should never have soap applied to it, simply scrub off all food particles, rinse, and dry thoroughly and immediately. Then, rub it with a thin coating of a high smoke-point vegetable oil (canola or peanut oils are perfect) using a paper towel and store. If the pan does rust, that rust can be easily removed with a bit of steel wool.




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