Mac Pro 9.5 Inch Mighty Chef’s Knife

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The Mac Pro 9.5 inch Mighty Chef’s Knife is a well balanced chef’s knife – great for chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing.

The world’s sharpest knives, Mac knives are legendary among professional and home cooks alike. Each Mac knife is carefully and thoroughly constructed in a 64-step process. Tempered for exceptional hardness, a Mac knife will hold its edge and stay sharper longer than most other cutlery out there. Light weight and well-balanced, Mac knives feature a patented ergonomic design that lets you work more efficiently. Oversized handles with gently curved edges nestle comfortably into your hand, and the symmetrical handle shape is suited to left- or right-handed users. The Mac Professional series is the most popular line of Mac knives. Mac Pro blades are constructed of a high-carbon chrome molybdenum vanadium alloy for superior hardness, razor-sharpness and rust-resistance. The blade is ground thin – between 2.0 and 2.5mm – so that you get cleaner slices, with less wedging. Designed to be used with a chef’s grip, Mac Pro knives feature an added bolster that adds weight and balance to the knife. The bolster, along with the ergonomic handle, allows you cut through foods with minimal effort and maximum comfort.

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