Lodge Logic 12 Inch Self Basting Lid, Cast Iron

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The 12 in. Self Basting Cast Iron Lid by Lodge Logic features self basting tips on the underside of the lid, so your recipe stays perfectly moist throughout. This lid fits the 12 in. skillet and the 7 quart Dutch oven by Lodge. Hand wash with warm water.

Since 1896, the Lodge family has manufactured cast iron cookware of unparalleled quality. The durability, even heating and heat retention of Lodge Cast Iron Cookware has earned it a reputation for superior cooking performance in the kitchen as well as on the campground and in the back yard. For over 100 years, home cooks and professionals alike have turned to Lodge Cast Iron for searing steaks, blackening fish, baking cornbread and more. And best of all, Lodge Cast Iron cookware is a value – Lodge pieces last a lifetime.


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