Kyocera 4.5 Inch Ceramic Utility Knife

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The Kyocera 4.5 inch Ceramic Utility Knife is an excellent multipurpose addition to your cutlery collection. Use this knife to clean and peel fruits and veggies, mince herbs or slice shallots and garlic.

Incredibly light, incomparably sharp – ceramic knives are the perfect addition to anyone’s cutlery collection. Kyocera Advanced Ceramics blades are made of zirconium oxide, a ceramic that’s second in hardness only to diamond. The edge is precision-ground to the most commonly used profiles, and is sharp enough to create paper-thin slices. A Kyocera knife offers superior edge retention – it will hold its edge at least 10 times longer than professional cutlery made from steel. Ceramic won’t stain, rust, roll at the edge, or impart any metallic taste or smell to food. And because a ceramic blade won’t leave iron ions behind, your food will actually stay fresher and maintain its original color, longer after it’s cut. Kyocera knives should be sent to the manufacturer for sharpening.

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