Knife Sharpening Services: Serrated Knives

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Serrated Knife Sharpening Method

Serrated blades require their own method of sharpening which is a combination of straightening the teeth and burr removal.

We sharpen all knives in house and train extensively with our staff to ensure each knife is sharpened according to its shape and material composition. We use a paper test to check the quality of the edge for each knife after sharpening to verify performance. This allows us to provide you with a sharpened knife tailored its design and kitchen use.


  1. Prepare a knife sharpening order on
    a. Select the style of knife you want to have sharpened and the quantity of each
    b. Select ADD TO CART
    c. When you are done, select PROCEED TO CHECK OUT
    d. Select LOGIN
    e. Use your existing LOGIN or REGISTER for a new account
    f. Enter or verify your billing details
    g. In the lower right corner, Select Curbside Pickup from the shipping options
    h. Enter in your payment information
    i. Select PLACE ORDER
  2. Print out a copy of your order confirmation and bring it with your knives.
  3. Your knives must be clean when they arrive or you will be charged a $5 cleaning fee
  4. For your safety and ours, put your knives in a knife sheath or wrap them in heavy towel
  5. Drop them off at Kitchen Window.
  6. Our team will verify your order and text you when it is ready for pick up.


Your knives should be clean and dry when you bring them in for sharpening. If you do not have blade protectors, you can wrap them in a kitchen towel and place them in a sturdy bag. For your safety and ours the blades should not be exposed or able to puncture the transport bag. Knives brought in that are dirty or with dried food on them will be charged a cleaning fee of $5.


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