Kikuichi 7 Inch Tsuchime Damascus Santoku Knife

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The Santoku is the knife of “three virtues” – equally adept at chopping, slicing and mincing. The thin blade and straight edge of the Kikuichi Tsuchime 7 inch Santoku make it an ideal knife for everyday use in the kitchen. This Santoku features the beautiful Tsuchime Damascus patterned blade. Layers of VG-10 steel and a stain-resistant steel are hand hammered and heat-tempered to create the dramatic wave-like pattern that makes these knives so amazing. The Kikuichi Tsuchime Damascus 7 inch Santoku features a riveted, black compressed wood handle.

The true legacy of the Samurai sword smith is in every piece of Kikuichi cutlery. Kikuichi has been hand-crafting traditional Japanese knives since 1868, having made swords for nearly seven hundred years throughout the Samurai era. The swords made by Kikuichi were prized by Japan’s emperor and bore his chrysanthemum symbol (Kikuichi means “first chrysanthemum”). That same symbol can be found on Kikuichi blades today. At the top of the Kikuichi line of cutlery are Warikomi Damascus Tsuchime knives. Each blade starts with a core of VG-5 steel – an incredibly hard, high-carbon steel that holds its edge longer than most other knives on the market. Then, the core is clad between stainless steel exterior layers, creating a blade with a sharp edge that is protected from stains, corrosion and rust. The blade is then hammer-peined by hand (“tsuchime” means hand-hammered) to give it a stunning, dimpled look that also adds nonstickability. Finally, each full tang knife is triple-riveted with a classic composite handle. Each knife is outfitted with a saya cover or sheath.

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