Harold Import Smokehouse Wood for Gun, Set of 4

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PolyScience Classic Smokehouse Wood Smoking Chips, for use with PolyScience The Smoking Gun Portable Food Smoker, add big, smoky flavor and aroma to foods and beverages in just 5 minutes.|Use for cold smoking meat, classic cocktails, and making other smoking recipes quickly and easily. No need to pre-soak wood chips before smoking foods to achieve big, smoky flavor. Cold smoking with The Smoking Gun gently infuses a measured amount of natural, cool smoke to prepared foods, even delicate foods, to enhance flavors. It does not cook or preserve foods, or change their textures or temperatures. Smoke salmon after plating or serve smoked trout in a flash. Smoke meat and poultry easily during food preparation. Elevate bartender recipes for exciting smoked drinks and smoky cocktails, like Smoky Marini, Smoky Mary and Dragon’s Breath. Be creative in pairing the Classic Smokehouse Wood Smoking Chips with foods. Mesquite and Hickory wood chips add strong and earthy flavors to rich foods like beef, pork, sauces, and vegetables. Cherry and Apple wood chips infuse a slightly sweet, fruity flavor to delicate meats, and pair well with whipped butter, fruits, desserts and cocktails. Place Wood Smoking Chips in the chamber of The Smoking Gun, light with a match or lighter, and apply the cool smoke. Includes 4-ounces each of Hickory, Apple, Cherry, and Mesquite smoking chips stored in airtight glass jars with lids to stay fresh. Compact for easy storage.


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