Harold Import Orizuru Crane Chopstick Rest

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Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Peace Crane Chopstick Rests add a graceful and decorative place during the meal to rest the business end of chopsticks between bites and protect the table from mess. Throughout Asian culture, the crane is considered a mystical and holy creature. A symbol of good fortune, longevity, wisdom, and immortality, it’s powerful wings were believed to be able to carry souls up to heaven and elevate people to realms of greater enlightenment. These Chopstick Rests add an elegant aesthetic to any dinnerware, flatware or place setting. Use at every dining occasion, from breakfast to lunch or brunch, for holiday meals, party buffets, even outdoor entertaining. Made from fine white porcelain, Helen Chen’s Peace Crane Chopstick Rests are durable, versatile, and dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Not affiliated with Joyce Chen products.


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