Harold Import 7 Inch Wire Spider Strainer, Stainless Steel

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Helen Chen’s Asian Kitchen Stainless Steel Spider Strainer with Natural Bamboo Handle, affectionately nicknamed for its web-like design, safely scoops up foods and thoroughly drains away hot oil and boiling liquids. It’s functional and durable with superb balance for excellent control and comfortable, fatigue-free use. Foods sit securely in the shallow mesh strainer basket, preventing splashes and unnecessary mess. The natural bamboo handle on this lightweight, yet sturdy, kitchen utensil prevents heat from transferring to hands and stays cool during use. A kitchen essentials must, the Spider Strainer is perfect for Japanese cooking and Chinese recipes, making noodles and homemade dumplings and other types of pasta, blanching vegetables, deep frying, and so much more. Fried foods drain quickly to stay crispy and flavorful without an oily residue. Helen’s Asian Kitchen Spider Strainer with Bamboo Handle resists stains, discoloration and rust, and won’t react with foods or impart a metallic taste. Hangs for easy storage. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup. Not affiliated with Joyce Chen Products.



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