Harold Import 4.5 Inch Matcha Tea Whisk

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Helen Chen’s Bamboo Matcha Tea Whisk for stirring, mixing, blending, and frothing up a tasty cup of traditional Matcha tea. Handcrafted with 80 fine-bamboo tines, it whisks up a smooth and frothy cup of Matcha tea quickly. Simply measure the Matcha tea into a bowl or cup, pour in boiled water, and gently move the whisk side to side in a "Z" pattern until tea is frothy. A useful addition to kitchen utensils, it’s handcrafted from 100-percent natural bamboo to be lightweight, strong, and less absorbent than wood. FDA approved and safe for use on delicate surfaces and metal pots and pans. Bamboo is a fast-growing, fully sustainable alternative to traditional materials for more sustainable living practices. Before each use, rinse or briefly soak tines in warm water to soften them and help reduce breakage. Rinse in warm water immediately after each use. Shake off any excess water. Air dry thoroughly. It is natural for the whisk to deteriorate over time with normal use. Use carefully and follow cleaning instructions to extend the life of the whisk. Do not use soap as bamboo will absorb aromas and flavors. Dry thoroughly before storing. Store standing on end with the tines facing upward. Not affiliated with Joyce Chen products.


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