Harold Import 13 x 18 Inch Non-Stick Crisping Pan

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Mrs. Anderson’s US Half Size Non-Stick Crisping Pan, crafted from professional-quality materials for the home baker, makes crispier baked foods without them sticking or the use of oils. This heavyweight aluminum pan (1.2-millimeters thick) with premium quick-release, non-stick coating features a non-stick surface that’s specially perforated to circulate hot air evenly and release foods, without the use of oil for healthier baking and for easier cleanup. Baking and crisping foods has never been easier! From breads, rolls, biscuits, pastries, French fries, pizzas, tater tots, and more, hot air flows freely through the perforations and circulates around foods so they bake evenly and to a crispy golden brown every time.

Built to last for thousands of uses, the reinforced rim prevents any warping and provides a secure grip for easier transport to and from the oven. Works equally well in gas, electric and convection ovens. It’s safe for use from freezer to oven safe (-40-degrees to 572-degrees Fahrenheit), and is easy to use and clean. Simply hand wash in warm, soapy water before first use and dry thoroughly. Place items to be baked onto the Crisping Pan and bake according to recipe. Do not grease the Crisping Pan as oils will drip through the perforations. Made from heavyweight aluminum (1.2-millimeter thick) with FDA and European LFGB approved premium quick-release, non-stick coating. Mrs. Anderson’s Non-Stick Crisping Pan is BPA and PFOA free, sturdy, durable, and will never rust.

Hand wash in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly. Measures 13-inches x 18-inches. Cautions: Do not use knives, scrapers, brushes or cutters. Do not cut on the Crisping Pan or place in automatic dishwashers, as this may cause damage. Never use on direct heat, stovetops, hot plates, or on the bottom of an oven, on a grill or with a broiler. Brought to you by HIC Harold Import Co.


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