Hammer Stahl 9 Inch Fillet Knife Sheath

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Stylish cutlery is key to having an attractive, memorable dinner, and it's hard to get any more stylish than this fillet knife by Hammer Stahl. The blade is crafted from the highest quality German stainless steel with razor sharp edges that are precisely measured by laser for a world-class cutting edge. The handle is made of quality Pakkawood, which not only looks great, but is lightweight and durable as well and is designed for a comfortable, confident grip. The color and grain patterns in the wood give the handle a very natural beauty and add personality to the table. Fillet knives allows for ease and precision while filleting fish. The narrow blade moves cleanly along bones and evenly slices along the skin, removing it effortlessly from the flesh. This particular knife is designed to be semi flexible, which decreases the likelihood of cracking. The blade is backed by a lifetime warranty as part of Hammer Stahl's commitment to quality cutlery.


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