Grillmasters Series: Pizza, American Classics – September 19 @ 6pm

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Learn to turn your grill into a backyard pizzeria! If you love classic American style pizzas, see how easy it can be to create great pie, enhancing it by adding just a little smoke. In this class, you’ll get your hands on three different doughs, then cook and taste Kitchen Window’s twist on traditional American pizzas. Our Grillmasters will walk you through the techniques for cooking pizzas on the grill with crisp – but not charred – crusts, married with perfectly cooked toppings. We’ll begin by making a thin cracker-crust with MARINATED TOMATOES, BASIL AND FRESH MOZZARELLA. Then we’ll move onto a TRADITIONAL-CRUST PIZZA with BBQ CHICKEN AND SMOKED GOUDA. Our pizza tour would not be complete without a CHICAGO-STYLE DEEP DISH PIZZA with COARSE ITALIAN SAUSAGE AND PEPPERONI. We will then finish the evening with BLACKBERRY-BASIL PIZZA.

Jeff Adamek & Steven Grass | Participation | $89
#190919A – Thursday, September 19 | 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.



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