Grillmasters Series: Grilled Artisan Pizza 3 – August 24 @ 6pm – NEW


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This class will teach you to be a true backyard artisan when it comes to pizza making. Kitchen Window’s Grillmasters will show you how to make and work with two doughs specifically designed for live-fire grilling. We’ll be making a wood-fired style dough and a gluten-free dough for our pizzas in this class. Using these two doughs you will make 4 different pizzas, each with one of the doughs: GARDEN BIANCO with CHARRED BROCCOLINI, ROASTED GARLIC, SNAP PEAS & ZUCCHINI RIBBONS; ARTICHOKE-PESTO PIZZA with BURRATA, GRILLED LEMON AND FRESH BASIL & DILL; a SPICE MERCHANT PIZZA with RED PEPPER PESTO, SMOKED BEEF, GRILLED CARROT and a TAHINI HUMMUS SAUCE. Finally, an ITALIAN CHARCUTERIE PIZZA with CURED ITALIAN MEATS, SHAVED ONION and FRESH MOZZARELLA will complete the night.

Daniel Darvell and Doug Huemoeller | Participation | $89
#190824A – Saturday, August 24 | 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.


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