Grillmasters Series: Burgers, Chicken & Chops – August 7 @ 6pm

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Whether you’re an avid griller or just starting out, you cannot overlook the importance of mastering these staples of the grill. In this class you’ll learn the secrets of juicy burgers, succulent chicken and perfect pork. You’ll start off with two ultimate burgers—a CLASSIC STEAK-HOUSE BURGER, and our Grillmaster’s take on a Minnesota original—BACON AND CHEDDAR-STUFFED BURGER. Our Grillmasters will walk you through achieving great flavor on any grill, as well as how to determine perfect doneness and anticipate the correct resting time (for the food, not the cook). With these tips under our belt, we’ll move on to conquering the mixed grill with HERBED CHICKEN BREAST and BUTTERMILK PORK CHOPS, both served with a GRILLED PINEAPPLE VINAIGRETTE SALAD. You’ll learn how to adjust cooking times and techniques on your grill to get a juicy result every time. Finally, you’ll learn how to slow smoke, grill and sauce BBQ CHICKEN where the skin is crisp, not burnt, and the meat doesn’t stick to your grill.

Jeff Adamek and Steven Grass | Participation | $89
#190807A – Wednesday, August 7 | 6:00 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.


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