Global Classic 4.5 Inch Utility Knife

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The Global 4.5 inch Utility Knife with a straight edge is an excellent multipurpose addition to your cutlery collection. Use this knife to clean and peel fruits and veggies, mince herbs or slice shallots and garlic. Sharpened at a 15° angle.

The thin, sharp blades and light weight of Global knives have made them a favorite of many professional chefs and home cooks alike. Made from CROMOVA 18 – a proprietary stainless steel that’s high in carbon and chromium – Global knives are stain- and rust-resistant, hard enough to maintain an edge for a long time and soft enough to be easily sharpened. Face-ground on each side, a Global knife features a long-tapered blade with an edge that’s ground straight to a point. This signature Global edge is dramatic – large enough to be seen with the naked eye and incredibly sharp. To balance their knives, Global features an innovative handle. Unlike most knives on the market that use a full tang and bolster for balance, Global uses a hollow handle, filled with just the right amount of sand or metal to create the correct weight. The absence of the bolster allows for an increased cutting edge, as well as a lighter overall weight. Seamless construction between the handle and the blade allows for easy cleaning and maximum comfort Finally, the Global handle features a dimpled design for added slip-resistance.

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