Frey 16 Ounce Detergent Concentrate, Cedarwood / Oakmoss / Amber

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What if laundry wasn’t a chore, but a little dose of self-care? Frey’s delightful eco-friendly scent blends, transports your senses with every wash, and the revolutionary formula helps fabrics last longer. You’ll love it—and so will your clothes.

50 concentrated loads in a compact, easy-to-use, 16oz bottle. High-efficiency/HE compatible, cold-water capable.

A revolutionary formula created to keep your favorite clothing looking better, longer. Favorite shirt, consider yourself saved.

Cedarwood/Oakmoss/Amber- A fragrance unlike anything else you’ve experienced. Inspired by the top fragrances from around the world, blended with essential oils, and comprised of over a dozen individual scents.

Better for the Environment:
Blended with biodegradable, natural ingredients and a concentrated formula to minimize waste. WITHOUT sulfates, parabens, synthetic dyes, or animal testing.

Better for the World:
For every purchase, someone in need is helped through our Wash for Wash program, as part of the 10% of profits Frey gives back. Proud to be a Certified B Corporation.



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