FDP Fusilli della Regina Pasta, 500g

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La Fabbrica della Pasta of Gragnano has been making pasta for three generations according to the family’s strict rules and secrets. They have mastered the patience and the art of the craft, using the best semola of “prima estrazione,” with water from the ancient “Imbuto” spring used since the 15th century.

La Fabbrica della Pasta is located in Gragnano, the wonderful small hill town in the province of Naples famous for over 500 years for its production of pasta, or “macaroni.” Made from simple ingredients (Gragnano spring water, durum wheat semolina, passion, love and fantasy), pasta in Gragnano is said to be have been produced with three different levels of work: at the household level where women vie against each other for the most fusilli hand wraps in 1 hour, in the artisan level where essential secrets and traditions are handed down from father to son to achieve a product of excellent quality; and the industrial level for a consistently good pasta. So, pasta is pretty much a way of life in Gragnano.


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