Escali Pana Digital Baking Scale, 13 Pound

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Add precision to your baking with the Pana Digital Baking Scale from Escali. Measuring cups can yield different results depending on the density of the ingredient and how the cook packs it. The Escali Pana scale solves this problem with accurate volume measurements in cups and tablespoons, as well as measurements in grams, ounces, fluid ounces or milliliters.

• 6.6-lb (3000-gm) capacity
• Accurately measures in 1/8-cup, ½-tablespoon, 0.1-ounce or 1-gram increments
• Displays ounces in fractions or decimals
• Preprogrammed with more than 150 ingredients that are commonly measured in cups
• Automatic shut-off to ensure long battery life
• Tare feature allows for accurate measurement of separate ingredients into one bowl
• One heavy duty 9V battery included
• Optional AC adapter available for purchase.


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