E-Cloth Dusting Cloth, 2 pack

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Remove dust and allergens throughout your home with the E-Cloth Dusting Cloths. Naturally occurring positive static charge attracts and holds dust and pollen. Lint-free and safe on many delicate surfaces.

Not intended for lenses or electronic screens.

No more harsh chemicals or wasteful paper towels! With the E-Cloth, you can clean your kitchen, bathroom, windows, floors and more with just water. The secret is in E-Cloth’s highly advanced microfiber, a combination of polyester and polyamide, that breaks up, traps and absorbs dirt, grease and oil form hard surfaces. And it’s easy to use – for most household jobs, you get gleaming results with just a swipe or two of the cloth. With E-Cloth, you’ll save time and money while supporting the health of your family and the environment. To clean, machine wash on hot (or boil) with minimal detergent. Hang to dry.


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