Wayzata Bay Chipotle Chile Powder

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Chipotle peppers are a smoky, medium hot pepper. Scoville heat units are 15,000. Ripe, red jalapeno peppers that have been slowly wood-smoked, chipotle peppers are rich, smoky, and hot; but not searing. Throughout Mexico and Central America (also known as moritas) are regarded as a versatile and necessary addition to many dishes. Commonly used to add a deep smoky flavor to traditional Mexican dishes the use of chipotle peppers has exploded with the popularity of American Southwest cooking. A dash of chipotle is a perfect addition to everything from barbecue to soup and salsa. Ground chipotle is so easy to use it seems like cheating makes a great topping for pizza, tacos, salads, roasts.

2.1 oz. bottle


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