Callebaut Belgian Chocolate – White Callets

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Callebaut Finest Belgian chocolate is carefully and traditionally crafted from the best cocoa beans available. Callebaut selects and roasts the cocoa beans themselves. They grind their beans to an unmatched fineness before adding pure cocoa butter and a touch of vanilla. The result is a superbly round aroma and flavor with a velvety texture.

Produced with the same Belgian craftsmanship from generation to generation, Callebaut Callets have a consistent quality and workability. They will melt quickly and smoothly without extra additions of cocoa butter or liquor, so your desserts will turn out beautifully.

Callebaut’s white chocolate callets contain 100% cocoa butter. 1 lb.

To preserve the integrity of the product, an additional handling charge of $10.00 will be added for shipments made from May 1st – September 15th. This fee covers cold packing and shipping.


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