Buy 1 Class Spot for a Friend (up to $99 each)



Kitchen Window Class Spot
Purchase one $99 class space for a friend or family member*

*Participants may use the class package towards a class of higher value and pay the difference.

1. Add the item to your cart.
2. Enter billing details and submit order.
3. Order is then placed and processed through Customer Service.
4. An email with be sent to you with the voucher for 1 class spot.
5. The customer may use the voucher at any time. (no expiration date)

Redeeming vouchers:
(All class registrations are to be completed online)
1. Browse the available classes. When you’ve chosen a desired class, click "Add to Cart".
2. Select "View Cart".
3. Verify the quantity of spots you want to purchase.
4. Under shipping, select "Cooking Class – Free Shipping". (No item will be shipped to you once you’ve completed your purchase.)
4. Select "Proceed to Check".
5. Enter your customer information to log in and select next.
6. The next page will display billing information. There is an "Order Notes" box on the righthand side. This is the section you’ll enter your voucher number.
7. If you have a gift card you’d like to use towards the order, the gift card number will be added in the "Gift Card" box at the top of the page.
7. At the bottom of the page, under "Your Order" verify your order.
8. Enter your payment information to secure the order and click "Place the Order".

Note: The order will be sent to our e-commerce team and manually processed. Your credit card will only be charged for any remaining balance that the vouchers/or gift card doesn’t cover. Please contact our Customer Service team with further questions 612.824.4417 (extension 103).



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