Bulk Wood Chips, Apple, 1 Pound

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Wild Apple Wood burns with a mild, fruity smoke that enhances the natural sweet and warm flavors in foods. The subtle, but dense, smoke of apple wood is best paired with mild white meats and is the perfect backdrop for sweet or tangy sauces, marinades or brines. Try apple wood when using honey, molasses, maple or cinnamon with your grilled or smoked meats. (Apple wood will harmlessly discolor poultry skin).

Wood Chips vs Wood Chunks:
Chips are best used to add quick bursts of smoke to your grilling and chunks are best used for longer, slower smoking or grilling projects.

Smoking Notes:
• Soak wood chips prior to using them. This allows the chips to smolder and create smoke, not become a heat source.
• Experiment! Every palate is different. Don’t be afraid to mix different woods to find a unique flavor.
• Not all woods are suitable for smoking, some can make you very ill, so don't use a wood unless you have sufficient evidence that it is safe. Only use wood designed for use with food. Most wood that you buy at a lumber store has been treated with arsenic, insecticides and other chemicals.

NOTE: These Wood Chips are sold by the pound. Please indicate the number of pounds you would like in the quantity box.



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