Brainstream BeepEgg Singing/Floating Egg Timer, Pirate Tunes

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• Cook eggs to perfection with the innovative beepegg egg timer. Our Fancy kitchen aid is more than just a timer, It accurately measures the core temperature of your eggs, giving you the best possible results.
• Keep your beepegg at the same temperature as your eggs. Add them to the water together and wait for it to play the corresponding tune for soft, medium or hard boiled.
• The Pirate beepegg includes the following tunes: Drunken sailor- for soft, my Bonnie lies over the ocean – for medium, and fifteen men on a dead man’s chest – for hard boiled.
• The beepegg timer is FDA approved and exceeds food quality and safety standards worldwide. Free from BPA and other harmful substances. The beepegg is manufactured and packaged in Germany.


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