Barry’s BBQ Grill Rescue Kit and Stainless Steel Scratch Remover



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Keep all your stainless steel kitchen appliances and outdoor grills looking brand new with the Barry's Restore It All BBQ Grill Revitalizing Rescue Kit.

The grill revitalizing rescue kit features a heavy duty 2-N-1 kit for stainless steel grills and outdoor surfaces.

BBQ Grill Revitalizing Rescue permanently removes blemishes, abrasions, stains, scratches, heat scorch marks and rust from genuine non-coated brushed or satin stainless steel and clean your grill’s interior of that ugly burnt-on carbon grease and film leaving bright Stainless behind.

The grill revitalizing rescue kit includes:
1 instruction pamphlet
1 2oz. ultra shine
1 6oz. grill & grate degreaser
2 brown reconditioning pads
2 grey final finishing pads
1 small yellow handle w/brown reconditioning pad
1 small blue handle w/grey fine finishing pad
1 patented grip handle
1 microfiber cloth
1 2inch plastic scraper
2 gloves


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