Antimo Caputo 2.2 lb OO Flour

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• 2.2lb flour
• Type '00' Flour
• Superfine Italian quality

Caputo 00 Flour is the choice of pizzaioli and bakers across the world. Made from the finest European winter wheat ground to a fine powder, this super-soft flour is easy to work with and produces baked goods with the ideal balance of tender mouthfeel and pleasant chew… in short, everything you seek in a pizza crust. Traditionalists wouldn’t prepare pizza dough from anything but this fine Italian flour, and it’s also great for homemade pasta, cakes and bread, especially focaccia.

Caputo 00 Flour comes from Naples, Italy, the home of pizza, where Antico Molino Caputo has been milling flour for nearly 100 years..


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