Harold Import 15 Inch Burnished Bamboo Spatula

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Helen Chen’s Bamboo Stir Fry Spatula makes cooking and food preparation a breeze! Whether stirring, mixing, dividing, tasting, or turning foods, it’s ergonomically designed to help tackle everyday cooking tasks with the most comfort. A useful addition to kitchen utensils, whip up everything from a snack to an evening meal and holiday meals. Lightweight, yet strong, and safe for use on nonstick cookware, the perfect cooking tools for everyone, even families with budding young chefs just learning to cook. Great for wok cooking, too! Stores away easily in a kitchen gadget drawer and looks great in a utensil holder on the counter, always at the ready. Made from 100-percent natural bamboo to be lightweight, strong, and less absorbent than wood. Safe for use on nonstick cookware and metal pots and pans. Bamboo is a fast-growing, fully sustainable alternative to traditional materials for more sustainable living practices. Hand wash only. Occasionally coat with mineral oil to keep bamboo looking its best. Not affiliated with Joyce Chen products.



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