Big Green Egg Large Charcoal Grill Package 2



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There’s a reason the Big Green Egg calls itself the world's best smoker and grill. This outdoor ceramic cooker is unrivaled in versatility and performance – it’s a charcoal grill, an oven and a smoker! The Egg can reach up to 750° in a matter of minutes, and it can do it without lighter fluid. At its highest temperatures, the Egg is the ideal choice to grill a steak or cook a brick-oven-style pizza to perfection. When you use the two dampers for precision temperature control, the Egg becomes an outdoor oven or a smoker. Its ceramic construction and oval design allow the Egg to maintain low or moderate temperatures for hours. Use the Egg for your Sunday roasts – as an oven, it easily maintains temperatures from 300° – 400°. And even in the chilliest weather, the Egg keeps your favorite wood smoking chips smoldering at temperatures as low as 200° – 275° for tender, smoked-to-the-bone ribs.

Package includes:
Big Green Egg Large Charcoal Grill
Nest for Large Egg
Conveggtor Large Plate Setter
Grill Gripper
Grate Rack for a Large, Medium, and Small Egg
Large Cover

• Grid Diameter: 18.25 in
• 262 square inches of cooking surface
• Weight: 162 pounds


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