Chips, Chunks & Planks

Shop our quality grilling chips, chunks and planks hand picked by our Grillmasters. All fuels are additive free and food safe. Natural fuels are the best choice when it comes to grilling because they provide the best flavor and no harsh chemicals.

Because the quality of wood is critical for food safe use, the wood that we carry is not mechanically harvested. The wood must be clean, with bark intact, and fresh. This extra care in harvesting is one of the reasons why our chips, chunks and planks have the best smoke and flavor.

Chunk Basics: If you are using your propane or electric grill simply surround your entrée with any flavored chunks on the cooking surface. When using your charcoal grill, toss the chunks directly on the charcoal as well as the grilling surface. Add more chunks as needed.

Chip Basics: Short time grilling is when you use chips. Place chips in a smoker box or aluminum pie plate and place directly on your heat source. The smoke from the wood will infuse your entrée while you grill as usual.To enhance the smoke flavor with chips, keep a spritzer bottle of water handy to reduce a too rapid burn.

Plank Basics: Native Americans were using planks to cook long before it became a popular restaurant and home trend. Simply soak your cedar plank in water for two hours before use. Load up food of choice on the plank and place on the grill or in the oven. After use, plank can be washed and reused until the plank is significantly charred.

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