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Knife Sharpening

New Online Knife Sharpening Check-In Process

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Don’t want the hassle of sharpening your own cutlery or the expense of investing in a professional sharpening system? We are here to help. Kitchen Window has been professionally sharpening cutlery for over 20 years. All knives lose their edge over time, even if you use a honing steel on a regular basis. Periodic sharpening by a professional will ensure that your knife edge has the proper angle and will help your blades maintain their edge longer. We will even teach you how to maintain your knife edge on a regular basis.

Precision Knife Sharpening
$6.50 per blade for Standard – European Blades (Includes: sharpening, nick repair, and light bolster grinding)
$7.50 per blade for Specialty – Japanese Water Wheel Sharpening (Includes: sharpening, nick repair, and light bolster grinding)
$6.50 per blade for Additional Sharpening Services (i.e. serrated knives, shears and ceramic knives)

Blade Repair
$9.00 per hour (for knife bolster – heavy grind)
$20 (for knife tip repair)
$40 per hour (for complete knife repair)


  1. Prepare a knife sharpening order on kitchenwindow.com
    a. Select the style of knife you want to have sharpened and the quantity of each
    b. Select ADD TO CART
    c. When you are done, select PROCEED TO CHECK OUT
    d. Select LOGIN
    e. Use your existing LOGIN or REGISTER for a new account
    f. Enter or verify your billing details
    g. In the lower right corner, Select Curbside Pickup from the shipping options
    h. Enter in your payment information
    i. Select PLACE ORDER
  2. Print out a copy of your order confirmation and bring it with your knives.
  3. Your knives must be clean when they arrive or you will be charged a $5 cleaning fee
  4. For your safety and ours, put your knives in a knife sheath or wrap them in heavy towel
  5. Drop them off at Kitchen Window.
  6. Our team will verify your order and text you when it is ready for pick up.