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Passionate about food, cooking and entertaining? Do you live in the Twin Cities area? Complete an employment application and join the Kitchen Window team!

Currently accepting applications for:

RETAIL SHIFT MANAGER – Full-Time & Part-Time

Job Requirements:

  1. To direct the opening and closing of the store when the store manager is not present.
  2. To be proficient in all areas of sales staff duties and gain proficiency in assistant manager functions.
  3. To provide complete and outstanding customer service in all areas of retail and telesales.
  4. To facilitate daily operations.
  5. To support store merchandising and maintenance standards.
  6. To play a key role in facilitating floor management and promoting positive staff relations.

To apply for the Retail Shift Manager position, please submit your resume and application (see below) to jobs@kitchenwindow.com.

Responsible for maintaining outstanding customer service per Company standards, generating sales, maintaining store merchandising, and safeguarding company assets.

Job Requirements:

  1. To assist customers with product and service selection.
  2. To interact with customers to increase sales.
  3. To play a role in promoting positive staff relation and development–ultimately supporting a healthy work environment while increasing the sales and profitability of Kitchen Window.


Job Requirements:

  1. To prepare the space for the event(s)
  2. To assist the chef before, during, and after events (includes: food preparation, plating/presentation, and service)
  3. To interact with the guests in assisting them with recipe execution during the event
  4. To clean up event space and reset kitchen layouts for next events
  5. An ability to handle some lifting and standing for long periods of time
  6. An ability to multi-task and work efficiently while paying close attention to detail

*Candidates with restaurant experience and a passion for cooking will receive preferential consideration.

The Event Assistant is a paid position with a flexible schedule (hours vary).

Request an Application
See below for an electronic PDF copy. You can download the file by clicking on the “Download PDF” button at the button of the page. Or, stop by Kitchen Window during regular business hours and request an employment application. You can also request an application via email at jobs@kitchenwindow.com.

Store Hours:
Monday thru Sunday 10 am – 6 pm (CT)

Submit Applications
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Mail: Kitchen Window, 3001 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, MN 55408